A Review Of Garden Parasols On The Argos Website


The Argos website is the ideal place to visit regardless of whether you want something for the home or the garden. As such if it is a garden parasol you are after you can expect to find a lot on offer here. No matter what you want your garden to look like, they are bound to offer just the right parasol for you.

How do I find their website?

Their website is located at www.argos.co.uk.

A Selection of the Best Selling Garden Parasols from Argos

How can I find the range of garden parasols they sell?

Those two distinctive blue bars that signify the main menu choices make it easy to find the various departments Argos has to offer. The one we want in this instance is the ‘Garden and DIY’ section, which appears in the top bar towards the left hand side. Click on that and wait for the following page.

There are four groups of links on the next page, under the main picture, and the one we want is in the third group – garden furniture. Click on that and then select garden parasols from the list that appears on the next page. That list is on the left hand side.

This will take you to this link – http://www.argos.co.uk.

Do they have plenty of garden parasols for sale?

They have a small collection of garden parasols on offer. They also sell a number of bases that are designed to be used with them, so you might want to buy your base at the same time if you wish.

Most of the parasols are wooden and come in more traditional colours; Argos is obviously going for the more traditional market that likes natural colours in the garden. Green and natural are the most popular shades here, although you can get more unusual parasols as well. They also sell a small variety of different sized parasols, so watch out for those.

Is there a lot of useful information on their site?

Yes – as usual Argos has a well laid out site that has plenty of details on each product. The search results give you a picture of each parasol along with the diameter that is applicable. Two graphics also tell you whether each item is currently available to be delivered to your home, as well as whether it could be picked up from their store.

You obviously see the price on this page as well, and if any discounts are applicable this is indicated quite clearly.

When you see a parasol you think might be suitable, you just have to click on the title to go into the product page to read more. This will show you a better image but you can make this a lot bigger if need be.

Under the title there is a link that shows you how many people have reviewed the item, and what the total marks out of five stars are. You can read the reviews of this item further down in the tabbed section, so it is usually easier to wait until you get there to do that.

First though, you will see all the details written down. They include all the relevant sizes such as the maximum height and width, and you will also be told the weight of the parasol. If a pulley system is part of the design then this will be indicated in this section.

You can then click on the second tab to read all the reviews that people have left. This should help you decide which garden parasol is going to be best for you.

How easy is it to order my new garden parasol online?

Argos makes life very easy in this respect. Every listing has a big green button that asks you to ‘buy or reserve’ that item. You need to click on that whatever you are going to do.

Once you are through to the next page you will be prompted to choose home delivery if that is what you want. It is then a matter of filling in all your details and choosing whether you want to register with the site or simply go through their secure checkout process with no further fuss.

In conclusion

Argos is clearly a good place to go if you want to buy a nice quality garden parasol. Regardless of how you want to decorate your garden you should find one here that fits the bill. Why not start looking now and see what you can come up with?